Canadian Diamond Mines: The Surprise in Northern Canada

Canada's Diamond Production History: The first commercial production from Canada's diamond industry was in 1998. By 2006, three major mines were producing over 13 million carats per year, and Canada was the third-largest producer of gem-quality diamonds in the world.

I1 Clarity Diamonds - Are They Really All That Bad? (Read ...

I1 Clarity Diamonds – Are They Any Good? The I1 clarity grade is assigned by gemological laboratories (such as GIA and AGS) ... This leaves the quality of the diamond to be a huge question mark. What are you exactly paying for? In all likeliness, you can expect to overpay for a diamond of this quality instead of simply buying a GIA graded ...

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Diamond clarity is the assessment of small imperfections on the surface and internally. The surface flaws are called blemishes, and internal defects are known as inclusions. These tiny, natural blemishes and inclusions are microscopic and do not affect a diamond's beauty in any way. Diamonds with ...

Diamond Color Chart, Learn the Color Grade Scale

Diamond color is the hue of a diamond based on the GIA's color scale (D to Z). View our comprehensive diamond color chart and understand how each color grade has an impact on a diamond…

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VVS and VS Diamond Clarity Compared: What Is the Difference?

The answer is simple: price. A VS-clarity diamond will usually be cheaper than a comparable VVS-clarity one, and the difference can be as big as a couple of thousand dollars. Of course, a superior cut or color can make a VS diamond more expensive than a VVS stone, so you should also evaluate other quality …

Diamond Color Chart | GIA Diamond Color Scale

Diamond Color Chart. Diamonds come in a variety of colors, some of them highly prized (pinks, blues, even yellow). However in a white diamond, the presence of a yellow tint will lower the price of a diamond. The less body color in a white diamond, the more true color it …

I1, I2, I3 Diamond Clarity - Diamond Clarity Chart

This is due to the fact that these low quality diamonds have inclusions, or imperfections, that are visible to the naked eye. Note, these are the few diamond clarity ratings where inclusions are clearly visible. It is advisable to avoid getting an I1 diamond or lower quality for jewelry and engagement rings.

SI1 vs VS2 Diamonds? Which Ones Are Better? See Real Examples!

When buying a diamond most people want to make sure to get the biggest bang for their buck! And I consider this to be a really good idea! After all: Why should you spend more money without any visible benefits. As far as diamond clarity is concerned you should go for a clarity grade that is as low as possible while still being eye clean! This very often ends in the question whether one should ...

4 C's of Diamonds | Diamond Grading Chart

the 4 C's of diamonds, compliments of the GIA. Buying a diamond does not have to be an uncomfortable experience. The Lumera Diamond Education Guide is designed to give you the tools and information you need to properly evaluate diamond quality and value with confidence.

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The 4Cs, created by GIA, are considered the global language of diamond quality. 2 Carbon. Diamond is the only gem composed of one single element: carbon. 3 A billion years. Most diamonds formed more than a billion years ago, deep in the earth's mantle. Quality Factors.

Diamond Cuts Guide: Overview, Grades, Quality and Price

Jun 22, 2009· Factors for Determining Diamond Cut Quality. Because Diamond Cut is an enormous element in determining the beauty and brilliance of any diamond, there are some complexities. The main factors impacting Diamond Cut Quality are: Proportions: the ratios and sizes of the diamond…

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What is Diamond Quality? Diamond quality refers to a combination of factors known as the 4Cs of Diamond Carat Weight, Diamond Clarity, Diamond Color, and Diamond Cut. Diamonds are graded by diamond laboratories, and then ultimately rated and priced accordingly. Diamond quality is somewhat subjective, and the final quality value is up to the consumer.

Is an M-color diamond too yellow for engagement ring?

The M-color diamond which is positioned to the left of the J-color diamond in the photograph provided above, exhibits just a bit more warmth. However, what is most visible is the overall brightness and sparkle factor of the two diamonds. How cut quality affects perception of diamond color:

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Sep 07, 2008· Neil Diamond - Sweet Caroline High Quality to Live Audience in Neil Diamond's Early Years. Neil Diamond - Sweet Caroline High Quality to Live Audience in Neil Diamond's Early Years.

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Certified diamonds are graded on a minimum of four quality criteria: cut, clarity, color, and carat. Learn all about diamond grading, rating, quality, and certificates or "reports." Home Engagement Rings Diamond Grading Diamond Shapes Recommended Stores Tweet

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Jul 21, 2014· How to Choose a Diamond: Four-Minute GIA Diamond Grading Guide by GIA. This informative four-minute video will help you choose a diamond, with the help of GIA, creator of the 4Cs of diamond quality.

What is Diamond Color? | Best Diamond Color Chart Guide

Slight color detected by an expert gemologist, but still considered a "colorless" grade. A high-quality diamond. G-H. Near-colorless. Color noticeable when compared to diamonds of better grades, but these grades offer excellent value. I-J-K. Near-colorless. Color slightly detectable. An excellent value. L-M. Noticeable color. A.

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What is Diamond Color | The 4Cs of Diamond Quality by GIA

The diamond color evaluation of most gem-quality diamonds is based on the absence of color. A chemically pure and structurally perfect diamond has no hue, like a drop of pure water, and consequently, a higher value.

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Diamond Quality Factors - Gemological Institute Of America

Diamond clarity is the quality of diamonds that relates to the existence and visual appearance of internal characteristics of a diamond called inclusions, and surface defects, called blemishes. Clarity is one of the four Cs of diamond grading, the others being carat, color, and cut.

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Diamond Clarity Chart, Guide to the Clarity of Diamonds

Diamond Clarity. Inclusions found on a diamond can be considered nature's birthmarks, the distinguishing characteristics that make the stone unique. When grading a diamond, the amount of inclusions and blemishes has a direct impact on its clarity and value. Flawless diamonds containing no inclusions are extremely rare and very expensive.

4Cs of Diamond Quality by GIA - GIA 4Cs

Today, the 4Cs of Diamond Quality is the universal method for assessing the quality of any diamond, anywhere in the world. The creation of the Diamond 4Cs meant two very important things: diamond quality could be communicated in a universal language, and diamond customers could now know exactly what they were about to purchase.